• February 16th, 2018

    Saturday: 2-17-18

    2018 Healthy Lifestyles Nutrition Challenge RESULTS

    Clean and Jerk
    Build to a Heavy Single

    “Double Time” (Teams of 2)
    AMRAP 14:
    50 Lateral Barbell Burpees
    100 Double Unders
    30 Clusters (115/85)


    Mobility WOD

    1. Pre Clean and Jerk: Tricep smash(using barbell or double lacrosse ball) really focusing on area above elbow to 2-3 inches above elbow.  Banded shoulder internal rotation(place band on bar then around elbow.  Place banded arm behind back and tack arm down with other hand. Face away from bar  and create tension. Allow elbow to be pulled by band but keep hand tracked down on low back and chest high)
    2. Calf smash of your choice- kneel and smash lacrosse ball btwn calf and hamstring, roll on barbell with ankles crossed or roll on foam roller with ankles crossed and bottom lifted up off the ground