2 Weeks Down!

19 Jan

I wanted to say how truly amazed I am at all the dedication & discipline from all of you! Thank you for letting me look through your journals. Do you feel like the journals are helping you establish a positive relationship with food? I noticed that in the beginning most of you were simply writing everything down, in the last week you have become more specific with what and how much you are eating.  That, to me, shows you are learning from the food you are eating.  You are wanting to/becoming more aware of how you feel after certain foods and how much of each. Very impressive!

For those of you that missed the meeting, I added another challenge this week.  I want you to continue eating paleo foods however I want you to start "balancing" your meals.  Focus on getting Protein, Carbs, and Fats in every meal.  The ZONE is big on this and is an excellent resource if you would like more info on how this works.  Our body needs Pro, CHO, & FAT, if each meal consist of all 3 it will function at it's best in turn keeping insulin levels normal eliminating fat storage/weight gain. Ideally this "balancing" should consist of equal parts of each.  The ZONE once again does this for us by creating the "block" system.  Each "block" equals a portion size.  For this week I really want you to work on all three, PRO, CHO, FAT, in each meal. As that feels good start working on ZONING your PALEO.  Overall this is the BEST lifestyle to create for yourself.

Bring your weekly TOTAL to the gym!

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