07 Jan

New Year New You 30 day Paleo Challenge   

Starts Monday Jan 7

Ends Tuesdsay Feb 5

Cost: $25

Winners will be determined by

1. Weight loss & measurement loss

2. Total Points

3. WOD improvement: Cindy Rounds

-This is strictly Paleo. If you are confused on what that means there are several websites & books available or ask one of us.  Basically if you can kill it, pick it or grow it you can eat it.  No dairy, No grains, No sugar-this excludes HONEY.

-This challenge does require you keep a food journal.  write everything down good and bad.  Start having a good relationship with food again. Pay attention to what makes you feel good, have energy, sleep, etc.  Also if you feel like something nots working or your not losing what you think you should, food journals will help us pin point what is going on.  Weight loss is almost always about eating for your HORMONES.  This is different for everyone and the only way to figure it out is to TEST it. You will earn a point a day for doing your food journals.  I will randomly ask you to bring your journals so don't try to cheat.

-Mindy will be at the gym all week for weigh ins and measurements.  Please get with her before Wed.

-Spreadsheets to track your points are at the gym.

-Also if you did not get a chance to do Cindy last week, do it by Wed January 10th as well.  Report your score to Mindy.

-This is called a CHALLENGE for a reason.  It's not supposed to be easy. However during these next 30 days push yourself but learn how to make this a reality for day 31+.  Find what works for you and make this a lifestyle!


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