Tuesday: 9.12.17

11 Sep

WOD Every 3:00 for 7 Sets: 400 Meter Run/row 12 Toes-to-Bar/med ball situps *if you are unable to keep this within 3 min shorten the run/row to 300m or 200m MWOD Mobility vocabulary lesson:  SMASH-apply pressure to painfully knotted tissue;  FLOSS- move, move ball or limb in every direction through as much range of motion as possible. Psoas Smash with a lacrosse ball: The Psoas is a big muscle that crosses from your diaphragm and lumbar region of the vertebrae to your pelvis and leg.  Laying flat on your back, position ball a couple of inches to the outside of belly button, then use both hands to push ball into abs.  Once you are smashing the Psoas, start to floss around the underlying belly tissue under ball. Then drop knee and move knee from side to side.  The goal is to find tender tissue, tack tissue down and then floss.  30 seconds on each tender tissue, breathe.  Adductor Smash with Foam Roller:  Adductors are big masses of tissue on the inside of your thighs .  Position your body similar to a plank.  Position inside of your right leg above the knee on roller.  Drive right hip to ground, find tender spots and floss by pulling your heel toward butt, then straighten your leg. 1-2 minutes each leg.    

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