Wednesday: 9.13.17

12 Sep

Every Wednesday during the 5:30pm Open Gym we are offering Mobility class.  This is a great time to take care of any nagging injuries or simply learn how to take care of our bodies daily.

Be's important!!

Active Recovery Day!

Open Gym 5:30 am


 Open Gym and Mobility 5:30 pm

Mobility Focus:  Glutes, Hips, Quads, Calves


Concept 2 is putting on a Fall Rowing Challenge. It starts this Friday sept 15- October 15.  The Goal is to Row a combined total of 200,000 meters in 1 month! The bigger our team is the more doable and Fun the challenge will be. Go HERE and create an account, join our CFCody team and start logging your meters!!! We got this

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