Monday 12/4/17

03 Dec


1,000 m row

50 thrusters 45/35

30 pull-ups

Front squat:  work up to a heavy set of 2


3 Rounds

250 M Row

15 Body Weight Squats

10 Ring Rows


2 min plank, rest as needed during 2 min.

Mobility WOD:

Post workout thigh flush - wrap voodoo band around the upper thigh.  50% stretch, 50% overlap on voodoo band.  Do downward dog. Push heel down and extend knee. Alternate extending legs in downward dog position(pedaling) for 30 seconds.  With voodoo band still in place, lie on back, wrap band around foot of voodoo leg, keep the knee to the chest as much as possible, then do 20-30 banded hamstring lockouts by pressing heel up to ceiling.  Relax and allow banded leg to fall to the side, stretching inner thigh and do lockouts for 20-30 reps. Bring leg back up at 90 degrees flexion at the hip.  Lastly, pull knee to chest as much as possible, contract quad as much as possible into the band for 4 seconds, relax for 8 seconds.  Repeat 4-5 times. Repeat on other side. If you have any active nerve pain in your leg(from leg or back) do the above without the voodoo band.  If at anytime the leg becomes really tingly, remove the voodoo band.

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