Monday: 1.8.18

07 Jan

Healthy Lifestyles challenge starts TODAY! If you haven't weighed in or had measurements taken, please meet with Mindy today at 5:30pm.  If you absolutely can not make that time contact Mindy.

Good Luck! 

2018 Healthy Lifestyles Nutrition Challenge WOD 14 min AMRAP: 50 calorie row 40 wall ball (14/20) 30 burpee's 20 toes 2 bar/med ball sit ups 10 clean & jerks (95/135) *Remember to keep track of your results either on the white board or personally.  log EXACTLY how you did the workout; weights, t2b or med ball sit ups, ect.  Log how far you got in the 14 mins.  If you complete a full round and have time left start back at calorie row. Good Luck!! Core ADD ON (this is NOT part of the challenge WOD) 1. 10 KB sit ups (lay flat on back, hold KB directly over face with arm locked out, sit up, finish with arm straight next to ear)-alternate arms each round 2. 1 min plank 3. 10 KB Russian twist 4. 1 min plank 5. 10 sit up *How this works: start with 1, then ADD ON 1+2, then do 1+2+3, then 1+2+3+4....continue till you complete all movements. PureFit Test WOD 12 min AMRAP: 25 calorie row 20 wall ball (14/20) 15 med ball sit ups 10 KB dead lifts 5 med ball squat cleans *Remember to keep track of your results either on the white board or personally.  log EXACTLY how you did the workout, weights, ball used, ect.  Log full rounds and reps completed. Good Luck!! MWOD Glute Smash on Wall:  using a lacrosse ball and wall.  Lay on your back and place ball on glute below hip bone.  Other foot is resting on wall, knee at 90 degrees.  The side you are smashing, your leg should be straight and you are going to drag that leg(using your heel) back and forth along the wall slowly like a windshield wiper.  45-60 seconds.  Then internally and externally rotate leg from the hip slowly.  45-60 seconds.  Switch legs. Psoas Smash:  with lacrosse ball or light KB on top of ball(more intense), position lacrosse ball a couple inches outside your belly button.  Smash into stiff spot on psoas. Elevate your knee and then internally and externally rotate your leg.  Flex and straighten your knee.  1-2 minutes per side.  

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