Friday: 2.9.18

08 Feb


Athletes Choose 1 From Each Section:

Weightlifting - 20 min

1RM Deadlift 1RM Bench Press 1RM Back Squat

Gymnastics - 10 min

Max Strict Pull-ups Max Weighted Pull-ups Max Muscle-ups Max Strict Handstand Push-ups

Conditioning - 5 min

1 Minute Max slam balls 500 Meter Row

PureFit WOD

EMOM x 12 min 1: 8 cal row min 2: 10 KBS min 3: 10 wall balls min 4: 10 slam balls MWOD Banded Bully - Hook band over pull up bar. Place arm through band onto shoulder facing away from the pull up bar. With shoulder tacked down in back(ensure shoulder is externally rotated at all times during stretch. If shoulder falls forward, remove tension from band and start over), place arm behind back at waist height.  Lean forward and allow band to pull shoulder into the back of the shoulder socket. Hunt around for stiffness and floss. Repeat on other side. Voodoo Band of your choice:  sore muscle or muscle group that you maxed out with.  No more than 2 minutes of compression at a time. *If you have nerve issues and/or blood clotting, then compression bands are NOT for you.

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