Healthy Lifestyles Nutrition Challenge 2018

13 Feb

The Results are in! Wow, the lifestyle changes made and the results that followed are incredible. We are so proud of all those that participated and hope that you were able to find some things that worked for you and can apply them hereafter.

1st Place OVERALL winner $200

Brandi Nelson  Total weight loss: 5.4 lbs Total Inches lost: 13.6 WOD improvement: 22 reps

2nd Place OVERALL winner $140

Dani Blankenship Total weight loss: 3 lbs Total inches lost: 7.10 WOD improvement: 14 reps

3rd Place OVERALL winner $100

Sean Gandy Total weight loss:4.4lbs Total inches lost: 10.14 WOD improvement: 22 reps

Individual Winners

Most weight lost: Linda Tremmelling 6.8lbs $80 Most Inches lost: Brandi Nelson 13.6 inches $80 Most WOD improvement: Chris Jeremiah 41 reps $80

As a whole, of the 13 people that stuck with the challenge for the 30 days there was a total of:

46lbs lost 84.1 inches lost 182 more reps completed

Winners your Prize money is at the gym! Congrats again! Very much deserved.


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