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17 Apr

Thursday: 4-18-13

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Rest Day! You may have noticed all the MAX’s the past few weeks.  Your bodies are probably feeling it about now.  Hopefully you all have been keeping track of these numbers cause they will come into play the next few weeks. When starting a new strength cycle your central nervious system takes a hit which […]

10 Apr


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Hey all….mobility will be tomorrow, Thursday, 12-1.  NO mobility Thursday night. Happy rest day! Good week Josh! Erad keep em’ coming! 40 Day Challenge: Sit ups  

13 Mar

Wahoo 13:2!

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Mobility 5:30. Come work on whatever yuckies left over from 13:1 and ‘Josh’ this week. Get ready for Friday!

27 Feb

Big shout out to Shane and his open gym time! Note to all, MAKE TIME!!!!

20 Feb

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Happy rest day! Yeah! I know my body needs it…. I have heard from a few they are thrilled as well. I will be at the gym tonight at 5:30 for mobility. Come if you can. If not, pick a spot and get on it!! The greatest wealth is your health!