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Hydration Protocol

Pre-Competition Hydration—CrossFitter

Everyday and pre-competition water protocols are very easy to prescribe.

Simply take your weight in pounds, divide by two and drink that number of ounces of water each day.

So, a 150-lb. athlete should target consuming 75 oz. of water per day. Should that athlete then train for an hour, that target number would rise by about 16 oz. per hour of training.

In-competition hydration needs can be calculated with a formula, but heat and humidity can change that equation significantly.

Pre-Competition Hydration—CrossFit Endurance

The pre-competition hydration protocol for an endurance athlete is identical to the CrossFitter’s.

In-Competition Hydration—CrossFitter

Much like the scenario with nutrition, most CrossFit activities are less than 60 minutes. Therefore, no hydration is needed outside of drinking for comfort.

In-Competition Hydration—CrossFit Endurance

From an endurance-hydration perspective, minimum target consumption of water should be about 16 oz.

Electrolytes are vital to optimal body function. If optimal levels of electrolytes are not maintained, athletes can fall into a state called “hyponatremia.”

per hour. This number, however, can sway wildly in more aggressive conditions. For example, if a 170-lb. male is competing/training in a relatively low-humidity environment at 73-76 degrees, the 16-20 oz. per hour target is quite sufficient to ensure optimal hydration levels. Conversely, as the temperature goes up, say 85 degrees with increased levels of humidity, the target consumption levels of water can be as high as 32 oz. per hour.

Post-Competition Hydration—CrossFitter

No significant protocol changes are necessary. Returning to the half-body-weight-in-ounces prescription will successfully rehydrate the athlete.

Post-Competition Hydration—CrossFit Endurance

Identical to the CrossFitter.

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