09 Nov

CF WOD Deadlift - 12 min 5 sets of 3 followed by… Teams of 2 AMRAP 18: 7 Deadlifts (225/155) 100 Meter Row/100 ft shuttle run 7 Box Jumps (24/30) Partners complete full round, then switch. PureFit WOD Buy in: 50 ft walking lunges 3 rounds 5 Ring rows 10 KB SDLHP 15 box step ups Buy out: 50 ft walking lunges   Mobility WOD 1)Posterior chain floss- wrap a band high around your hip and step forward to create tension.  Place banded leg slightly in front of free leg.  Fold forward at hips keeping belly and back right. Place hands on the ground. Straighten banded leg and drive hips up.  Floss by flexing/extending your knee while weight is in your heel. Do 30 reps each side. This can be done before deadlifts. 2) Place lacrosse ball underneath the meat of your hamstring while sitting on a plyo box.  Find a tender spot and floss by straightening and bending knee and rolling side to side.   2 minutes each side.  

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