Tuesday 12/5

04 Dec

5 Rounds: 10 Power Cleans (135/95) 10 Burpees

Rest 5 Min

EMOM 5 Min: Gymnastics skill work of your choice (i.e, pullups, pushups, hspu, MU, T2B...)


4 Rounds:

10 Mountain Climbers

10 KBS

10 Walking Plank (lateral)

10 Step ups

Mobility WOD: Improving front rack and overhead position

1)Posterior shoulder smash with lacrosse ball - Lying on your back, place lacrosse ball on the posterior deltoid. Roll towards the affected shoulder to almost 90 degrees, putting pressure on the ball.  Place shoulder and elbow at 90 degrees then using other hand push back of hand to floor(external rotation) repeat.  Hunt and peck for sore spots, spending at least 2 minutes on each shoulder.

2) Posterior Shoulder/Scapula stretch - Place band on rack at about 6-12 inches off ground.  Face perpendicular to rack.  Get onto hands and knees. Place outside hand through band and create tension with palm towards the ceiling.  Allow band to pull the arm across the chest and allow chest to rotate.  Take a big breath and contract the posterior shoulder for 4 seconds. Relax and let the band pull for 8 seconds. Repeat for 5 reps. Repeat on other shoulder

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