Monday: 2-12-18

11 Feb

“Elizabeth” 21-15-9: Squat Cleans (135/95) Ring Dips Purefit 21-15-9: Medball Squat Cleans Box Dips Mobility WOD: 1) Overhead shoulder distraction- this is not only great to stretch after today’s wod but it will prep you for tomorrow’s as well!  Place a band on a pull-up bar.  Place your elbow in the band. Place banded elbow next to your ear. Reach other hand over your head to pull elbow towards head. Next, facing away from the bar, create tension in band.  Lean into the band to open up the shoulder, ant serratus and lats. 2) Banded hurdler- place band low on rack. Place band high on hip. Sit on ground in hurdler position with back hip banded.   Rotate upper body away. Then pull banded side calf to thigh.  The rotation should stretch hip flexor and the calf to buttock will stretch quads.

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