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23 Jan

Why MWod?

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Why not? Hey guys this weeks Mobility is going to focus on Hands/Wrists/Forearms & Feet/Shins/Calves.  These little areas can make all the difference in your every day mobility not to mention progress in the gym.  We will meet at our usual time 5:30pm.  Hope to see you there!

16 Jan

Ok, here goes!

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I already had to start over because… I don’t know why. I  am a bit ‘challenged’ with technology. SO!! For now : Mobility Thursday night this week @ 5:30…..goal setting about 5:45. Hope to see you all there

09 Jan


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Today’s episode deals with a quite common problem we see associated with athletes complaining of knee pain.  Turns out, you sort of need full range of motion in all of your joints to move correctly and at full potential.  Oh, I know you can manage quite a bit of serious force without it, but eventually, you’ll […]