24 Apr


8:45am - team check in

9am sharp - Welcome & Thank You

9:15am - WOD 1 briefing

9:40am - WOD 1 Starts

10am - WOD 1 Ends

10:10am - WOD 2 briefing

10:30am - WOD 2 Starts

10:50am - WOD 2 Ends

11 - 11:15am - Awards

Wod 1 - Congo Line

All 6 team members

20 min AMRAP of :

25 wall ball 15/20

25 ring pull ups or 5 Muscle ups or 35 jumping pull ups

25 hand release push ups

25 Butt to ball squats

25 double unders or 75 single jump rope

25 burpees

*teammate 1 starts with 25 Wall Ball when done they move to 25 Pull ups and teammate 2 begins 25 Wall Ball...continue this pattern working through each movements with all teammates. Teammates can not move onto next movement until teammate infront of them is done. When teammate 1 complete last movement (25 burpees) they start back at the beginning (25 wall ball).  Continue working till the 20 min time cap is done.

Score = the total reps the LAST person in line completes.

Wod 2 - Beauty & The Beast

20 min AMRAP

All 6 team members start on run together (course will be explained on Saturday)

Once all team members are done with run team has 2 Options


3 team members:

10 box jumps (16/20)

10 Kettlebell swings (35/55)



3 team members

5 Tire Flips

10 Push Press (65/95)


*With whatever time is left after the run the team with split up and completes as many reps as possible until the 20 min time cap is up. The format for each station will be as follows:

Teammate 1 starts 5 tire flips/10 box jumps, when done teammate 1 moves to 10 push press/10 KBS and teammate 2 begins tire flips/box jumps. Teammate 1 moves to rest station, teammate 2 moves to push press/KBS and teammate 3 begins tire flips/box jumps. Continue this formate till time is up.

Score = total number of reps teammate 3 completes.

There will be scaling options for each movement and teams will have the option to use these the day of competition. 

07 Jan

2014 Affiliate cup

Where: Cloud Peak CF in Sheridan WY

When: February 15

Teams of 6 athletes, minimum of 2 girls. If one of the athletes is unable to do Rx'd wt a scaled weight will be available for 1/2 point per rep instead of 1 point per rep.

 Each gym is allowed 1 team.

 3 wods in one day! Every athlete on the team will complete each wod. All 3 wods will be AMRAPs. Team with the most total reps at the end of the day wins!

Please email me team roster with Tshirt sizes of each athlete!

CPCF is truly a smaller Crossfit "Box" so space will be limited.

Standards of movement will be the same as the "OPEN!"

 This is what you've all been waiting for......The WODS!

WOD 1 4 - 2 minute AMRAPs with 1 minute rest between each. 5 snatch 95/135 10 box jumps 20/24 (step ups will be allowed)

WOD 2 10 minute AMRAP 30 wall balls 14/20 20 toes 2 bar 30 burpees

Wod 3 12 minute AMRAP 16 Calorie row (dampeners set at 5) 8 Thusters 95/135 8 Chest 2 Bar pull-ups

If anyone is interested in being on our team please let a trainer know. we would like to get a team put together ASAP so they can start working out together and planning. We will need a few alternates in case of injuries as well.  let's go represent CFCody!


01 Jul

Classes run Tuesday & Thursdays

Starts Tuesday July 9 - Ends Thursday Aug 1

10-10:30am 3-5 year olds

  1. Kylee Blankenship
  2. Zack Nelson
  3. Jake Talich
  4. Cache McFadden
  5. Grace Hays
  6. Anders Nelson
  7. Kristen Boyson
  8. Elijah Cook

10:30-11:15am  5-11yrs

  1. Nick Talich
  2. Luke Talich
  3. Ellie Talich
  4. Maddox Growney
  5. Gillian Growney
  6. Emily Trotter
  7. Drew Trotter
  8. Aaron Trotter
  9. Alex Nelson
  10. Matt Nelson
  11. Megan Boysen
  12. Ali Boysen
  13. Sarah Cook
  14. Emma Cook
  15. Ada Nelson
  16. Molly Hays
  17. Hunter Hays
  18. Cody Champlin

11:15-12pm 5-11yrs

  1. Keith Dewey
  2. Katie Dewey
  3. Kelsey Pomajzl
  4. Jeff Williams
  5. John Williams
  6. Rachel Williams
  7. Katie Brasher
  8. Evan Statton
  9. Shelby Statton
  10. Emily Larsen
  11. Garrett Kalkowski
  12. Aspen Kalkowski
  13. Duncun Radakovich
  14. Wilkins Radakovich
  15. Isabel Radakovich
  16. Sophia Radakovich

Contact Mindy if you have any questions or concerns. 801.725.9732

See you all next week!

07 May

We are so excited to launch our CrossFit Cody Kids program this summer.

CrossFit kids is geared and designed for a special populations, KIDS, and the specific developmental needs of that population. Through gymnasitcs, body-weight movements, calisthenics, jumping, rolling, agility, games and most importantly having FUN, Crossfit Cody Kids goal is to create a lifelong love of health and fitness for our children.
Program Details:


We will be running a 4 week, 2 times/week, session on Tuesdays & Thursdays
Starts: Tuesday July 9
Ends: Thursday August 1
*additional Classes added as needed.  Each class will be capped, Pre-K max of 12 kids, Kids max of 16 kids


Pre-K - Ages 3-5yrs

Kids - Ages 5-11yrs

Teens - 12yrs and up


Pre-K - Tues & Thurs 10-10:30am

Kids - Tues & Thurs 10:30-11:15am

Teens - Classes added as needed


Pre-K - $50 (T-shirt included)

Kids - $60 (T-shirt included)

Teens - determined when classes are added


Saturday May 11 from 8:30 - 10Am at CrossFit Cody 301A 17th Street

For more information contact Mindy @ 801.725.9732

13 Feb

2013 Wy Affiliate Cup Packing List

  • WO clothes – few extra pairs
  • Shoes – extra if you are using different for rope climb
  • Jump Rope
  • Socks – extra pair
  • Tall sock for rope climb
  • Wrist straps
  • Gloves – if needed
  • Swim suit & towel & goggles
  • Tape
  • Food – a paleo breakfast & lunch will be $2 at the facility but if you want specific bring your own
  • Water
  • Protein powders or recovery powders – if you have them
  • Maintenance items – rollers, lacrosse balls, hand recovery, etc.

*The gym is in an Athletic Club so there will be showers if needed.

*We will have a team meeting Friday night @ 6pm at the Come on Inn. Let us know if you can't make this. From here we can make a game plan about dinner.

*The facility will be open @ 6:45am

*WOD 1 briefing is at 7:30am

*WOD 1 begins @ 8am – scaled teams first